A Few Writing Credentials

Grassroots Campaign Writing and Editing Team Leader

Here I created unique letters and help managed writing/editing teams for campaigns that compelled action from public officials. Writing and editing for numerous campaigns, often at once, required a thorough understanding of the facts,  outstanding multitasking skills, and attention to detail.

  • Maintained excellent editor reviews on each campaign
  • Provided suggestions and implemented improvements in all aspects of operation

Demand Media, Verblio, and Numerous Other Online Clients and Media Firms, 2009 to present


  • “You’re excellent at writing in an authoritative voice on a wide range of topics…cover a lot of ground, in an expert way, yet you maintain a conversational tone that keeps readers interested in the material.”–In-house Editor, Demand Studios

Education & Awards

  • Bachelor of Meteorology and Climatology–Ball State University
  • Fidler Scholarship for Excellence in Meteorology and Climatology 2001 & 2002
  • Environmental Science “Best of” Yahoo Voices

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