The Importance of Writing about what Interests YOU

A Writer’s Interests are the Star of the Show

While the readers’ needs and wants should always be the writer’s focus, I argue that the real star of the show is the writer. That is, if the writer is interested in the topics he’s taking on. This is true even in today’s world of fighting for the top Google spot for a widely used search phrase. Why do I say this?

Enthusiasm Makes for Better Writing

A blank page is an opportunity that burnout destroys.

Blank pages destoryed by burnout
Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

You may find yourself writing about the hottest search topics, or working for a client that offers steady income because, well, it pays the bills. But, if you don’t have the enthusiasm for the topic, you will never produce the quality writing that grabs readers by the proverbial balls and drives them to a state of euphoria of which they will never forget. Okay, maybe that’s far-fetched, and perhaps not needed for what you’re writing. But, enthusiasm makes for better writing.

A Writer with Burnout isn’t Good for Much

This may be the most important reason for writing what interests you. Most writers experience burnout at some point. This is true no matter what they are writing about. According to a piece over at the CoSchedule blog, Writer burnout happens when you use up all of your creative reserves and become a machine.

I couldn’t agree more. If you never had much interest in what you’re writing, or you’ve lost interest in what you’re writing, it’s time to start writing what interests YOU!

About DShep

Writing professionally since 2008, Don has the expertise that comes from being a lead editor for numerous political advocacy campaigns. His current content analyst position requires he understand the changing needs of many clients. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climatology and loves working with his family on his urban farm.
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