Write with Purpose

Whether writing for a client or writing in a diary, writing with purpose always makes sense. Before placing the first word on a page, thinking about “why” ensures writing is never a time wasting endeavor.

Writing Old Typewith purpose is often straightforward. For example, I may write an email with the purpose of getting an individual to sign a petition. Getting that click on “Sign Now!” is a clear purpose.

Then we have creative writing, such as diaries and novels. Each, seemingly mundane, diary entry may not appear to have a purpose. However, posing questions to ourselves, such as “What can I learn about myself, or this day in history, with this entry?” will make for salient and useful writing.

What was my purpose for writing this entry you may ask? My hope is that this is clear. This entry is an argument for, and a reminder to myself, that writing should always have a purpose. Establishing that purpose before writing a single word will help keep the piece on task and relevant.

About DShep

Writing professionally since 2008, Don has the expertise that comes from being a lead editor for numerous political advocacy campaigns. His current content analyst position requires he understand the changing needs of many clients. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climatology and loves working with his family on his urban farm.
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