About Me

Old Type

Your business, or cause, demands results-driven wordsmiths who understand the value of strong messaging. Businesses are empires waiting to flourish. It’s time to stop waiting and get the growth your business, or cause, deserves.

Drawing from a varied background, and over a decade of professional writing experience, my work is authoritative and laser-focused on your goal.

You need a writer who quickly grasps issues and hits the ground running. That’s what you get with my communications. My ghostwritten advocacy work is on lawmakers’ desks and in newspapers from coast to coast. These topics range from energy and environment, to healthcare and pharmaceuticals and more.

I get results for attorneys, furniture stores, contractors, and many more. My articles and business ad copy are throughout the Internet–Sciencing, SportsRec, etc., and numerous small business pages. This work ranges from landing pages and product level pages, to advocacy and technical writing.

Whether you are promoting brands and services, establishing your business’s expertise, or lobbying for a much-needed bill, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out some past experiences, explore some writing samples and contact me to learn more on how I can help your cause.


My oasis/workplace

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